Thursday, March 29, 2007

Spring Break

Energy Outlook will be on Spring Break until Monday, April 9. In the meantime, in lieu of the usual re-runs, here are some links to recent articles I found interesting but chose not to cover in a posting.

From a Minnesota researcher studying the sustainability of ethanol fuel: "Corn Can't Solve Our Problem" (free registration required)

On the useful synergies between wind power and hydropower: "Air, Water Powerful Partner in Northwest" (free registration required)

Tom Friedman looks at the implications of the TXU deal for future environmental activism:
"Marching With a Mouse" (Times Select registration required)

Austin, TX plans to implement "vehicle-to-grid" storage of renewable power in plug-in hybrid cars: "In Quest for Cleaner Energy,Texas City Touts Plug-In Car" (Online Wall St. Journal subscription required) (or read a summary on Terrablog)

Finally, on a different note, ex-astronaut and former chairman of the California Energy Commission Rusty Schweickart on the need for an international capability to deflect asteroids on a collision course with Earth: "The Sky Is Falling" (NY Times Select or archives $)

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