Friday, September 30, 2005

Looking Back/Looking Ahead

A few months ago, a regular reader suggested I rename my blog to convey a more oil-focused message. I resisted, because from the start my intention has been to cover the full spectrum of energy, including conventional- and non-conventional alternative to oil and gas. I still see it that way, but I suspect that the aftermath of Katrina and Rita will probably keep this blog a bit "oilier" for a while, driven by my desire to stay relevant.

At the same time, my original manifesto from January 2004 still seems appropriate, to "provide a useful, if eclectic guide to navigating the gulf (between breathless reporting of new energy and the continuation of the status quo), based on my experience of over 20 years in the energy business and on scenario-based possibility thinking."

Here are a few of the subjects I hope to cover in the weeks ahead:

  • Reducing energy infrastructure concentration
  • Prospects for a revival of oil shale
  • The growing importance of private equity in funding energy investments
  • Implications of Europe's shift to diesel
  • Energy investment priorities and waste

I appreciate the steady growth in readership and your comments on many of the subjects on which I post. I'd welcome any suggestions of topics where you think my perspective might be useful.

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