Thursday, June 23, 2005

Climate Politics Signal
Because of the position of the current administration on ratification of the Kyoto Treaty, climate change has generally been viewed as a Democratic cause. But there are signs that this partisan divide may be breaking down, particularly in light of recent statements by Senator Pete Domenici (R-NM). It's worth recalling that the Rio Treaty, which laid the groundwork for Kyoto, was negotiated under the first Bush Administration. For that matter, the original Clean Air Act, along with other key environmental legislation, was enacted under another Republican administration (Nixon.) Protection of the environment must by definition be a bipartisan issue, even if the two parties disagree on how to go about it. It's high time for this administration to consider at least the kind of modest, "no regrets" approach suggested by Senator Domenici. Not only would it generate economic benefits in this country, but it should provide some necessary common ground with our friends across the Atlantic, who regard our current approach as irresponsible and downright un-neighborly.

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